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Educational institutions, from small liberal art colleges to large universities, need to access, collaborate and share content among students, faculty and staff.  Educators need to quickly and easily access student assignments, provide feedback and distribute learning materials and collaborate on research with faculty across different institutions.  At the same time, students are constantly on the go and more connected than ever; with an average of 4.3 devices per student, today’s generation is constantly using the Internet to access email, connect with other students and learn information.


With Box, your institution has a solution that is easily adoptable by students, staff and faculty to share all the documents, presentations and content used every day in school.  Departments and classrooms use Box to share and collaborate with students, while still providing a secure solution to manage copyrighted material.  Students can collaborate on projects together and manage version history, comment and assign tasks, and work together on an important presentation or essay.  Better yet, Box allows anyone to share, open and edit a document from anywhere, whether it’s the campus computer lab, a faculty’s tablet, or a student’s iPhone.  

Common use cases for students, faculty, and staff:

  • Share files with faculty, staff and students: Share important presentations, turn in assignments, and work with other faculty, staff  and students just by emailing a link.  With one click, send a file or even entire folders to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Secure Online Workspaces: Turn any folder into an online workspace to facilitate distributed research and protect your intellectual property. Workspaces allowyou to exchange documents, edit team projects, assign and manage tasks and more.  Students can also easily collaborate on community and class projects together.
  • Increase staff workflow productivity: allow easy collaboration and file exchanging with external parties to on-board new vendors, process student and faculty applications and managed departmental processes and procedures. 
  • Mobile Access: With Box’s robust mobile apps, view important content on the go, sharing comments and feedback, edits and new versions – anywhere, from any device. Students can access important reading on their iPad or phone, and can edit, comment and create documents on the go from anywhere.


  • Improved visibility and communication on projects and assignments
  • Access all documents on any device
  • Preview files in your browser without the need for native applications
  • See the detailed history of all files and versions
  • Securely share content with external parties without resorting to email

 “The biggest benefit has been having a way to manage projects in a more organized manner…I love being able to be on top of not only our projects, but also what’s happening in other areas of the program.”

 -- Erica Baker, Educational Consultant, Pacific Education Institute

This use case is ideal for higher education teams who:

  • Need to securely collaborate on documents, presentations and other material internally and externally
  • Share and receive materials from students regularly
  • Require a secure solution that is easily accessible on mobile and tablet devices
  • Rely on email or clunky education portals to share and work on large files
  • Are frequently updating content and need more effective version control

Key Benefits:

  • Drive true collaboration and communication - With Box, students, faculty and staff stay connected in a secure workspace available from the cloud, anytime, anywhere. Communication is normally scattered across emails and servers, but with Box’s social workflow tools, versioning, and extensive app platform, everything can stay in once centralized location.


  • Tools that students, faculty, staffand IT love - As your organization grows and changes , it is critical to effortlessly share information and collaborate across different groups of users.  Legacy platforms prevent the productivity on mobile platforms, and personal sharing applications introduce security threats.  With Box, you get simple, powerful collaboration tools, with the control and security required by IT.
  • Centralize content and processes - Different departments or entire schools? Hundreds of courses and thousands of students? Terabytes of storage? Each department can spin up large teams, reams of research and countless revisions. Box removes the inefficiencies of outdated systems and arms you fast, flexible, secure sharing.
  • Improve confidentiality, monitoring and control - Box makes the security and confidentiality of your data top priority.  Robust auditing and reporting capabilities allow you to monitor who’s storing what on Box and track the flow of files.  Connect your existing Active Directory to leverage single sign-on and control account access.


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