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Uploading and Creating Content in Box from Your Browser

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions to upload files to Box and familiarize yourself with basic file actions:



1. Upload Files and Folders

  •  Drag files from your desktop to Box and drop them at the root level or in the folder of your choice, or upload them using the file browser.

To upload files using the file browser, click the Upload button in the top-left corner, then select Upload Files or Upload Folders.

  • Select the file(s) or folder you'd like to upload (only one folder can be uploaded at a time via the file browser), then click Open or Upload.
  • Note: to Upload Folders you will need the latest version of Java installed. 

2. Create new content:

  • Click on the New button and select a type of document or bookmark

3. Use the Upload via Email tool:

  • Click on the More button > Email Files to Folder

4. Upload a new version of an existing file on Box:

  • Click on the More Options drop down menu and select Upload New Version
  • The old document is also preserved in Version History
  • Version History is displayed by the "V#" under the file, where you can download or revert to a previous version

5. Lock a file:

  • Select More Options > Lock.
  • This will let other collaborators know you are actively editing (a lock icon will appear next to the file)
  • You can also select an expiration date or prevent others from downloading while the file is locked.

6. Delete a file or folder: 

  • Select Delete from the More Options drop down menu
  • Note: You must be an Editor, Co-owner, or Owner of the content to delete
  • The file or folder will then be routed to your Trash bin where you are able to Recover or permanently Delete the content.

Setting up Folders Properties

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions to create new folders in Box from your web browser:

One you begin creating folders, you will notice there are 3 types:

  • Manilla folder = Private
  • Blue Folders = Shared
  • Grey Folders = Externally Owned

Setting Custom Folder Settings

To set restrictions and settings for your Folder on,  select the "More Options" drop down menu > Folder Properties

1. Properties > General 

  • In this tab, you can change the Name and Description of the folder (to be displayed under the folder)

2. Properties > Email Options

  • To enable Email Uploads to Folder, check the Box shown in this video
  • This will generate a custom email address associated with this folder
  • Email attachments sent to this email address will automatically be uploaded in to this specific folder.
  • Note: Email uploaders do not need to be collaborators or have Box accounts
  • Email Security: Checking the Hide Collaborators option here will require users invited to this file to log in and open the folder before seeing who else has access
  • You can also Customize or Disable your Email Notifications for this folder

3. Properties > Security

  • Note: you will only see this if you are Owner or Co-owner of this folder

Set Restrictions:

  • Allow only Owners and Co-owners to invite collaborators
  • Restrict collaborators to company registered domain
  • Hide Collaborators
  • Disable Comments
  • Change Shared Link Access Levels

4. Properties > Collaborators

  • This will display a list of users who are collaborating in this folder
  • Note: Will only see this option if it is a shared folder
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