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All companies strive to create an employee onboarding process that requires minimal overhead.  For companies that onboard new employee on a regular basis, adopting an automated onboarding process can result in immediate efficiency gains.  With Box, HR departments can provision new hire groups into Box and give these new users immediate access to company onboarding materials. 

1. Within your onboarding folder, create subfolders that categorize your company’s onboarding materials.   

Figure 1: Centralize new hire onboarding materials to give employees easy and paperless access.

2. Use Box’s Groups functionality in the Admin Console to give all new employees the same permissions to onboarding materials.  Box Groups is a tool in the Admin Console that allows Box admins to set folder permissions to a group of users at once. To create a New Employees group, go to the Admin Console and click on the Users Tab:

Once you are in the Groups tab, click on the "Add New Group" and name your new group "New Employees."


Figure 2: Create new groups in the users tab within the Admin Console

3. Configure your new group by setting the proper access to the ‘New Hire Onboarding’ folder.  Since you want your new hires to only have the ability to download and preview the content in Box, set the access permission to ‘Viewer’.  

Figure 3: Configure the access level your group members have to specific folders.

4. Once a ‘New Employees’ group is created, simply add new members to the group before each onboarding period.  When a new hire accesses Box for the first time, he/she will have ‘Viewer’ access to the ‘New Hire Onboarding’ folder at the root level.

Section Summary

Box Groups is a great tool that allows HR resources to automate the onboarding process.  Rather than printing out piles of paper and sending emails for every new hire group, Box makes onboarding materials immediately available to your new hires.  


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