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This document identifies some questions and answers that you may find helpful when using Box Sync 4.x.

Once the Sync installation is complete, what will happen to the older Sync 3.x My Box Files location? Will the new Box Sync 4.x be mapped to the same location or do I need to modify my path?

See How do I upgrade from Sync 3 to Sync 4? for more details.


Where can I find more information on device pinning?

See Device Pinning Overview and FAQs for more details.


What does the "Setup Failed: One or more issues caused the setup to fail..." mean?

You generally see this error message when you install Box Sync 4.x with a limited user account that has User Account Control disabled.

Sync can only be installed by a local admin. If User Account Control is disabled and you are not a local admin the EXE installer fails and consequently blocks the installation process.


When I create a folder on my computer, why does it get renamed to "Folder <my e-mail address>"?

If there is an existing folder on the Box website with the same folder name, Box Sync will rename the newer version to prevent conflicts between the two folders. Read more about duplicates in Box Sync 4 Duplications With Email Address Added.


Why is the Box Sync folder created in the admin account rather than in the currently logged in user account?

You generally see this error message when you install Box Sync 4.x with a limited user account in Windows 8. You can apply one of two workarounds:
  • Exit Sync and start it again from the logged in user's account. A folder will be created in the correct location.
  • To avoid this issue, install Sync using the MSI installer from the admin account (see the Deploying Box Sync section in the Installing Box Sync article.


Which file types are ignored and which are blocked by Box Sync?

See: Which File Types Are Ignored and Which Are Blocked?


Does Sync 4.x support path lengths longer than 256 characters?

Yes, this is a new feature addition in Sync 4. We have seen files with paths longer than 256 characters upload/download without any issues. However, some Windows applications do not support long path lengths – some applications open these files while others do not. If an application cannot open a file with a path longer than 256 characters, then try moving the file to another folder location and try opening the file from the new location. 


Once I have installed Sync 4.x, how can I make sure that I am running the latest version?

Sync 4.x is automatically updated in the background - at this stage, usually up to twice a week. This means you continue to receive new features and bug fixes as we release them.


Why does the Preference window temporarily disappear and reappear?

If your Preference window is open at the same time we push an update for Box Sync 4.x, you may notice the window temporarily disappear and reappear.


Which Operating Systems does Box Sync run on?

Box Sync 4.x currently supports Mac (OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10), Windows 7 [32-bit and 64-bit], 8 [64-bit], 8.1 [64-bit], and 10.0 [32-bit and 64-bit].


Does Box Sync 4.x support Box Accelerator?

Yes. Box Sync currently supports Box Accelerator for uploads greater than 1MB.


Does Sync 4.x preserve timestamps when uploading/downloading files?

Yes. Box Sync 4.x preserves timestamps. See Understanding Box File Timestamps for detailed information about timestamps.

In particular, see How Does Box Sync Handle Timestamps for Synced Files.


Can I sync different subsets of files across multiple personal computers using the same login?

No. Box Sync 4.x does not allow you to sync a different subset of files across different computers.


Can I lock and unlock a file using Box Sync 4.x?

Yes. For more information, see: How do I Lock Files While I'm Editing Them? 


Why does the remaining status file number increase even as files are being synced?

The number of files remaining reflects Sync's current knowledge of how many files are left. On the first (initial) sync instance, this number will increase as Sync calculates the number of files we need to sync — right up to the point when Sync has the full picture. While this calculation is going on, Box starts syncing down the files.


When I view the sync error details, why am I am unable to resize columns?

If the name of the item is longer than the column width, you will not be able resize columns to view the entire name. Instead, hover your mouse over the required item and a pop-up displays the full path to the item.


Can I set the path of the Box Sync folder?

See How do I set a custom folder location for Box Sync?


What is the behavior when deleting files and folders from Sync?

      • If you delete a file or folder from your local Box Sync folder, the action will be mirrored on
      • If you delete a file or folder from the online site that was marked as Sync Folder to Computer, that file or folder deletion will be mimicked in your local Box Sync folder.


How do I use subfolder sync?

See How do I use subfolder sync?


Do you have any other documents supporting the Sync 4.x release?

The following resources are available for the Box Sync 4.x:


Can I use Sync 4.x with a network/shared drive, external drives, servers, or virtual environments?

Box Sync is supported in some virtual environments, although there are a few known limitations. For more information, see Using Box in Virtual Environments.


Does Sync 4 allow Mac package files to be synced to and from Box?

Yes. Box Sync 4.x provides the ability to sync Mac package files to and from Box. When you upload a package to Box, it is added as a folder. See the Mac Package Support article for additional details.


How often do I need to login to Box Sync?

If you actively use Box Sync on a daily basis, you may not need to explicitly login.

If you have not connected to Box Sync in 60 days, you will need to explicitly login.


Can I use multiple logins with the same Sync client?

Yes, it is possible to logout of one Box account and then login to another account on the same client. However, logging into Sync with a Box account that is different from the previous login will always prompt a re-download of all synced content to a new Box Sync folder. Please allow all content to download to the new Box Sync folder before manually introducing content to this local directory. 


When I uninstall Sync, will my content in Box be deleted?

No. This will neither delete content in the cloud nor delete content on your local machine. Uninstalling or logging out of Sync simply breaks the sync connection between your machine and the cloud. No content is deleted.


What happens when I uninstall Sync?

If you uninstall the client and then reinstall it, it won’t just pick up your existing Box Sync folder and continue from where you left off. The client will throw an error saying that the Box Sync folder already exists. Instead, you should rename (or probably delete) the Box Sync folder prior to reinstalling the Box Sync client. The new Box Sync folder will be created (in the original location) and then populated with any content from marked as Synced.

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