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How can you use Box and Chatter on your mobile devices to keep up with important projects and conversations? The Box and Chatter mobile applications allow you to do just that.

Box for Mobile

Use the Box Mobile app to:

  • Preview documents
  • Perform round-trip editing, annotating and note-taking using the OneCloud applications
  • Favorite files for offline access
  • Comment on files

Figure 1: Access shared documents from your iPad with mobile apps.

Chatter for Mobile

Using the Chatter mobile app you can:

  • Communicate with your colleagues using comments
  • Make status updates
  • Keep connected to the people that matter to you

Use Chatter to:

  • View updates about the people and groups you follow
  • Communicate with colleagues via FaceTime
  • Create posts (with photos) and add comments
  • View Box document links shared by others
  • Find and follow people in your organization
  • Find and join groups in your organization
  • View your coworkers' profiles and email them directly


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