Create a Personal Dashboard for Your Cloud Applications with Hojoki



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Unify your conversations

See your team’s comments and reply back with one dashboard for all your app-related discussions. With Hojoki you have all the updates in one place and can respond to comments in all your connected apps from one hub.

See the big picture

The newsfeed shows you all recent activity by unifying all the updates from your cloud apps into one newsfeed. Just as Facebook shows you what your friends have been up to, Hojoki tells you the same about all the people you work with in apps like Box, Chatter and other applications.


Figure 1: The Hojoki dashboard.

Jump into the action with your apps

You can launch all your apps from within Hojoki and jump directly to the things that have been updated recently. Have 20 tabs open for all your apps? Hojoki gives you one easy and clean home base in the cloud.


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