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Once you have created the folder structure, think about how your users can really benefit from more productive workflows around content.  Box is particularly valuable for supporting collaboration.

1. As content is uploaded to Box, you can comment on content the same way as you did in discussions. Simply type @ and mention a person you are collaborating with. If you are not already collaborating with someone on content or a folder, invite them so you can start sharing information.  This works even with people outside your organization.  Moving discussions into Box gives you one centralized place to manage project interactions between internal and external parties.


2. Do you need someone to review an important file on a deadline? Assign a task to someone and Box will notify them that there is work to do. You can assign tasks to multiple people at once. Integrate tasks with your Google calendar to provide a reminder. 

Figure 1:  You can create tasks for review, approval, and updates.

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