How do I delete files and folders from the Admin Console?



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You can delete files and folders from the Content Manager.

To access Content Manager click the folder icon in the Admin Console header. The page that opens will allow you to navigate through your user's file/folder tree and their trash. 


Once you've navigated to the file or folder you'd like to delete, click on the box next to that file's name. This will cause two options to appear towards the top of your page, "download" or "delete". You can also send the item to Trash by selecting Delete from the More dropdown.

Permanently Deleting Content from Trash

If you have given Admins and Co-admins the ability to permanently delete content, they will be able to delete files and folders from another user’s Trash by using the Content Manager. To access a user’s Trash, navigate to that user in the folder tree on the left and expand the tree to see that user’s folders. Select Trash and delete the files and folders you would like to permanently remove.

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