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You may have noticed a recent change to the Box subheader. We're taking the opportunity to bring you a better user experience with streamlined breadcrumbs and actions. Read on for more information about each of the menus available and how to use the breadcrumbs.

a) Breadcrumb navigation: The path that leads to the folder you're viewing is displayed in clickable, expandable breadcrumbs. When the folder path goes several folders deep, the breadcrumbs will collapse to an abridged version of the full folder path. Hover over the path to reveal all the parent folders in the path, leading back to your root "All Files" folder. Click on any of the folder names to go back to that folder in the path.

b) Upload: The Upload button reveals a dropdown menu from which the Upload Files and Upload Folder actions are available.

c) New: Clicking the New button reveals a dropdown menu listing file types that can be created from Box directly. Create new folders, Box Notes, Bookmarks, Google Docs, or Microsoft Office docs directly from your Box account and save them in the folder you're viewing.

d) More: Click the More button to access more file and folder actions, including the folder properties and Box Sync information.

e) Folder View: Change the way your files and subfolders are sorted within the folder, or switch from a list view to an icon grid.

f) Select All: Select the checkbox in the subheader to select all files and folders within the folder.

What happens when I select a file or multiple files?

When you select any of the files or folders within a folder, the menu of buttons at the top of the folder will change to a menu of actions you can apply to the files. Click any of the buttons to apply the actions to all the files you've selected.

a) Download: Download the selected items (this may take a few moments, depending on the size of the items and your connection speed)

b) Send: Send a link to the selected items via email to your friends and colleagues

c) Tag: Add custom tags to the selected items to make them easier to search and sort

d) Move/Copy: Move the selected items or duplicate them to another location

e) Delete: Move the selected items to the Trash

f) Sync: Sync the selected items (Note: This button will only appear if you have download permissions for selected folders)

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