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Completely change the momentum of business and collaboration in retail. Box is a simple, powerful and centralized content management solution for effective internal collaboration. It also gives you the security and control you need for external collaboration.

"I don't think there's a better product out there for quick, easy, and secure file sharing."
- Paul Schauer, Personal Computing Solution Manager, P&G

Figure 1: Box creates a collaboration environment for both internal and external collaboration.

Box is ideal for:

  • Internal team collaboration – Box allows you to share information on a reliable platform without the inconsistency of FTP servers, file systems and legacy technology applications like SharePoint.
  • External collaboration with agencies, distributors and retailers – Companies need a secure and effective way to communicate and collaborate with advertising agencies, distributors and suppliers, often with mobile devices.
  • Technology/application consolidation – Consolidate infrastructure by moving on-premise storage to the cloud, reducing the cost of SharePoint deployments and eliminating costly FTP and file system servers.
  • Mobile initiatives – Stronger balance sheets have sparked a reinvestment in growth-oriented strategies. Mobile strategies and finely-tuned customer engagement are high on the “to do” list for both line of business and IT leaders.

The benefits of using Box include:

  • Simplified collaboration, both internally and externally
  • Dramatically improved project productivity
  • Complete mobile workflow
  • Content consolidation in Box, accessible by any device, anywhere


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