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Showcase is a partner application from Taptera that enables enterprise-grade mobile content delivery – all powered by Box.  If you can update a file in Box, you can instantly push it to your field sales team on their iPads.



1. To start, add your content in Box to the showcase folder.

Figure 1: All content placed in the folder will be added to the Showcase app

2. The theme of the application is also driven by content in the Box folder, and building a theme is as simple as dragging and dropping files.

Figure 2: Taptera also includes a theme creation wizard.

3. In the Showcase application, you will always have the most up to date version of content. When you launch the application, all of the content is synced and downloaded in the background. You can view content in the application, and “open in” your other corporate applications.


Figure 3: When you launch the app, updated information is automatically downloaded.

4. Solve your content workflow problems

  • Create training and information content for your employees
  • Deliver a virtual catalog of goods and services
  • Provide insights and analytics to see what content is being used by your customers and reps
  • Distribute content to iPads without writing a single line of code

Figure 4: The Box sales team uses a custom version of this app to showcase use case blueprints. 

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