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What about Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry?Box offers applications for all of these platforms. Currently the OneCloud ecosystem is only supported on iOS and Android.



Can I custom brand my Box account?

You can customize the look and feel of your Box account – specifically the web application. On the iPad, Showcase from Taptera can be used to create a branded Box experience. 


Do my customers and prospects need a Box license?

This depends on what type of license you have purchased. If you opt for unlimited external collaborators, then no a Box license is not required. Alternatively you can send shared links to individuals.


We have a BYOD policy, how can I get apps to my sales reps?

If you have a MDM (mobile device management) solution, check to see if you can enroll devices and distribute applications using that solution. MDM also allows you to manage passwords, VPN, wireless, email, calendar, and remote wiping of devices.


For only application distribution, you can alternatively host a webpage with links to apps or create links in a Box folder to your recommended applications. 


The application my reps want is $20, is there a free alternative?

 Box offers integration with hundreds of productivity and business applications. However, the question of whether to buy an app or use a free one is also a question of culture and policy. Having a top producing sales rep struggle with a free app when a paid version offers a better user experience might not be the best use of resources given the relatively low cost.


What permission level does a user need to access Box on a mobile device?


Viewing content on mobile devices requires individuals to have the “download” permission level for that folder or content, so plan your folder structure accordingly.


Why would I need to be licensed for unlimited external collaborators?

This becomes very necessary if you plan to share content with customers, vendors, and prospects regularly. Limiting the number of external collaborators you have could impede your user’s workflow significantly.

What role will messaging play in rolling out Box to my users?

Messaging is an incredibly important part of the implementation of Box, as it sets the tone and expectations of your user’s experience of Box. It is especially important when you leverage Box side-by-side with other tools, such as the social tools like Jive, Chatter or Yammer. 


We use MDM, how can I distribute Box?

The Box application can be added through the standard means of browsing apps, and adding it as a managed application. 

Figure 1: In Mobile Iron, Box is added as an approved application.


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