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1. Add users to Box. If you were using Dropbox for Teams, refer to the Dropbox Teams tab for a current list of users.

Figure 1: Identify current Dropbox users.

Once you have the users list, log in to Box, open the Admin Console and click Users in the blue menu bar. If you are an Enterprise Admin, you can add users in a batch: click Bulk Add and fill in the table that appears. To keep things simple, invite users to the Box folders containing the content they had access to in Dropbox. To add one person at a time, click Add New User, fill in the required fields and click Add User at the bottom of the page when you are done.


2. Assign the appropriate access permissions to folders in Box. You have more granular access control in Box than in Dropbox – this is where collaboration roles come into play. If you are an Enterprise Admin, you can use Groups to configure folder access permissions in bulk. Using Groups is the best option for granting access to the shared folder structure you have built for your organization.

Invite each user to their personal folder at the folder level.


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