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Box Sync just works - You can focus on your work because Box will take care of your files with a fast, reliable client that is always running to sync your local computer files to the cloud. Edit your files in their native applications and the changes will automatically sync to Box.

When using Box Sync, keep the following in mind:

  • Try to sync active / living content. Archived or final content can be kept in Box and may not need to be synced to your desktop for offline access. Use Sync when you need to access files offline or when you are actively working in a folder.
  • You will need to have Editor, Co-owner, or Owner privileges to sync a folder.
  • Box Sync does not support installation on Windows servers.
  • While you can use Box Sync to upload normal amounts of data to Box, it is not designed as a bulk migration tool. Consider using Bulk Upload, FTP, or Box’s hard drive migration service for larger amounts of content.

How to install Box Sync:

  • Visit the Mobile & Sync tab in your account settings and click on the Box Sync button to download the install package.
  • Run the installer.
  • When the installation is complete, log in to the Box Sync client with your credentials. The My Box Files folder (Box Documents on a Mac) should also appear on your desktop.

Figure 1: Log in to the Box Sync client.

To sync a folder, click on Sync Folder to Desktop in the More Options menu from the web application.


Figure 2: Sync a folder to your desktop.


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