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Tags allow you to mark and sort related files that may not be located in the same section. In order to allow your users to filter and search by tags, Tag filtering must be enabled from within the admin console. Once enabled, users will have the ability to filter and search for files based on shared tags. 

Before we start going into how to create a tag, it is important to think about who can create a tag.  By default, anybody can create a tag.  And as built by design, tags are public and visible to all relevant collaborators.  Therefore, it is often important to think about avoiding tag sprawl and controlling who can actually create tags.  As an Administrator of your Business or Enterprise account, you can go into your Admin Console -> Enterprise Settings -> Content & Sharing to control tag creation.  The options are as follows:

Figure 1: For most Enterprise use cases, you should consider limiting tag creation to folder owners/co-owners, admins/co-admins in order to avoid tag sprawl.


To create a tag, right click on the file and choose "Add/Edit Tags". 

From the pop-up window, you can add tags to a file by either creating new tags or choosing from tags already created in your account. To create multiple tags, simply separate terms with a comma.


To view specific tagged items, choose the "tags" icon next to the "sort by" icon. Please note that this icon will only show if you have "Tag Filtering" enabled. Select the check box to the right of one or multiple terms, then choose "Apply." This will pull all similarly tagged items into a single view.



As a user, you can also make tags display on your files in the list view. The tags will display underneath the folder/file name. To set this setting go to the Gear icon in the top right of your screen. Click Account Settings > General > Display tags in list view. 


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