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This guide will show you the steps to take in the event you need to terminate an employee who has access to your Box account. Read on to learn how to protect the security of your organization’s content in Box.


For Business Admins

Set the User's Status to Inactive

This will freeze the user’s account, preventing them from making changes to any files. Their content will be frozen for all collaborators too, and Box Sync will also be disabled for the user. To apply the Inactive status:

1. Log in to Box

2. Click Admin Console in the grey header bar at the top of the page

3. Click on the Users icon in the menu bar, then select the person who’s leaving your company

4. In the drop-down menu next to Status, choose Inactive




Remove the User from Shared Folders

In the Edit User Access Permissions section, remove the user from the folders they’re collaborating in by clicking the blue dropdowns in the Access Level column, then selecting None.

Delete the User

Finally, back in the Edit User Account Details section, click Delete this User. You’ll then have the option to transfer any content the user owns to another user – or to delete it entirely.

Admin Tip: You may want to transfer everything to yourself and then divvy it up later.


For Enterprise Admins

The steps you’ll take to cut off a former employee’s access to Box are the same as above. But, as an Enterprise admin, you’ve got two additional tools you can use keep your account safe and sound:


Log in to a User’s Account

If you need to check for or monitor activity in the user’s account, you can log right in to it from the Admin Console. Just click on the Users icon in the header bar, right-click on the desired user’s name, then pick Log in to This User’s Account. (Please note: If you have already made a user inactive, you will see the same view as the user, which will indicate that the account is inactive. To access the user's content, use the Content Manager.)


Limit the Devices Using Box Sync

Finally – for added security – consider limiting the number of computers on which your users can install and run Box Sync.

To do so:

1. Click Admin Console in the gray header bar at the top of your page

2. Mouse over to the top right corner and click Enterprise Settings

3. Switch to the Security tab

4. In the Application Management section, you can limit the number of computers/devices as you see fit  




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