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Like the many large businesses that share and manage their content with Box, you might need many users in your account to fully equip your team for success.

This guide shows you how to add these users in bulk – quickly and easily.

Preparing Your Account

To streamline the user migration, set up your account’s folder structure (see Box Admin Best Practices: Folder Structure) and groups (see Box Admin Best Practices: Managing Groups) before adding them. It’ll be much easier for the new users to learn to navigate the account when they’re working in a good folder/group structure.

Bulk Add

1. Open the Admin Console by clicking Admin Console in the gray header bar at the top of your page

2. In the blue menu bar, click Users, then the Bulk Add button:

3. Here, you’ll download a CSV template file to fill in with just a bit of information about the users you’re adding to your account. Click Download Formatted CSV Template, and then open the file in a program on your computer like Microsoft Excel.

4. You’ll see four columns: Name, Email, Groups and Storage. Just fill out these columns, for as many users as you need. (Note: Any groups you add to the Groups column need to already exist in your Box account. If you have none, be sure to type “none” in the Groups column on each line.)

5. When you’re done, save the file, return to Box, and click Upload CSV File

6. In the pop-up that appears, you’ll see two options to consider before you start the upload:

Shared contacts is a good box to check if you’d like to encourage open communication among your users, while Enable Sync lets the new folks keep content in sync between Box and their desktops.

Bulk Edit

To manage user settings en masse, use the Bulk Edit tool. Like with Bulk Add, you’ll edit the CSV file containing user information and upload the updated file to Box. Then, we’ll apply those changes to your account.

Silent Mode

By default, Box notifies users via email when they’re added to an account, but you may need keep the news quiet for any number of reasons. If that’s the case for your team:

1. Mouse over Admin Settings in the blue menu, then click Enterprise/Business Settings

2. Switch to the Notifications tab, scroll down to the Email Settings section and check the box next to Silent Mode:

Enabling silent mode lets you add users to the account without notifying them until you’re ready for them to start working in Box. Once you disable silent mode, email notifications will get sent out as before.  



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