How do I search through content from the Admin Console?



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With Content Manager, you can easily search for files and folders across your organization by entering keywords in the search bar at the top of the page. After you have clicked the search button, you can narrow your search results by using available filters.

To access Content Manager click the folder icon in the Admin Console header:


To filter by folder or file type:

  • Search for a file or folder in the search bar
  • Click the All Types button
  • Select the file type you would like to find
  • Click Apply

To add a new filter:

  • Click the + button
  • Select the filter type you would like to add
    • Date: Select a recent time frame or enter a custom range
    • Content: Filter by searching for keywords in the content of the file. For example, search through a document’s information and the document’s content (Everything) or narrow by: file names, specifically; comments added to files; descriptions added to files and folders; or only the content of the file, not its attributes.
    • Size: Select from common sizes or enter a specific, custom range
    • Owner: Enter names or email addresses for the Box user that owns the content to filter by Owner
    • Type: Select the type of file you'd like to search for from the list
  • Specify your range for the filter
  • Click Apply


When you’ve found the file or folder you were searching for, simply click on the name to preview it.

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