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Step 3: Invite Colleagues and Friends

 What is a collaborator? What is a shared link?

Collaborator: An individual that has been invited into a folder. If you are a collaborator, the folder will appear when you log in to your Box account.

Shared link: A unique URL that allows the recipient to access either a specific file or folder.

For a more detailed description of shared links, please see:

When should I invite someone in as a collaborator versus send them a shared link?

Collaborator: Invite an individual into a folder as a collaborator if you are actively working with them on a long-term basis. Collaboration provides a two-way relationship; depending on their access level, collaborators can view, edit, upload/download documents, leverage social workflows (comments, tasks, etc.), and receive updates on actions taking place in the folder.

Shared link: Shared links provide a one-way relationship, allowing the recipient to preview or download the document or folder. They can continue to reference that link for the most up-to-date version of the content. Think of a shared link as a secure email attachment replacement.

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