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Define Your Deal Room Structure

  1. Create the deal room workspace by going to New and choosing New Folder. You can then name the folder to reflect the deal and make it easy to search for later.
  2.  Upload your deal files.
  3. Go to Folder Options and choose Folder Properties. Adjust your settings to reflect the following: 

Figure 1: Security allows you to restrict the sharing and collaboration activities to keep content locked down. This set up also keeps the deal room participants confidential.

Figure 2: Email Options let you restrict the information in any emails pushed from Box.

Invite Your Deal Room Participants

Box allows you to choose from seven different collaborator roles. All deal content will be in one easy-to-find place, while still maintaining the different security privileges you may require.

1. Open your deal folder and click Invite Collaborators. Invite your internal team first by choosing Editor access. This will allow them to make changes to content in the folder. 

Figure 3: You can include a custom message in your collaborator invitation as well.

2. Next, invite your bidders with Uploader access. This will allow them to submit their bids, but make no changes to other content.


3. You may have some participants that need to have a different access level. You can use this chart to help you assign the proper roles for everyone involved in the deal-making process.


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