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Knowing what is happening in your deal room is key, and Box has built-in features to help you maintain complete visibility and due diligence.

1. Reporting Capabilities

  • Your account administrator has the ability to run reports on activity across the Box account.
  • You can get a customized report for your deal room by requesting a Usage Log report from your admin
  • Your admin can filter the report for just the deal room by clicking on the deal room folder name

2. Monitoring File Activity

  • To see how often participants access files, click File Properties and choose Access Stats

Figure 1: You will be able to see when your deal team previews and downloads content. This will help you gauge interest.

3. Monitoring Participant Activity

  • To see a feed of a participant's activity, click on their name in the collaborator list

Figure 2: By clicking on a collaborator, you can see all of their basic statistics and monitor how they work with content in the spaces you share.

4. Transferring Content/Ownership

  • Box is a flexible environment and you can always change access levels or content by hovering over the collaborator name and choosing their new level.

5. Set an Expiration

  • If you have content that is time sensitive or requires an expiration date for compliance, you can apply this attribute under File Properties
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