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As a Box Enterprise Admin, you have the ability to tailor the look and feel of your account to match the look and feel of your organizations’s website or collateral. Our custom branding tools let you use Box with your brand at the forefront, whether you’re setting a color scheme or using our open API to build specialized apps.


Before You Start

Before you start the custom branding process, ask your marketing team – or other appropriate department – for your organization’s logo. You’ll need a .jpeg, .png or .tiff file that’s 150 pixels wide by 50 high. 

If they're available, grab the hex color codes your website uses: You can use these codes to get an exact match when you customize your Box account’s color scheme 


Setting a Color Scheme and Logo

Your custom branding will be seen any time a user logs in from your custom URL ( or when an external user joins one of your folders as a collaborator. 

Here’s how to customize your colors and logo:

1. Log in to Box

2. Click Admin Console in the grey header bar at the top of the page

3. Mouse over to the right corner of the page and click Enterprise Settings

4. Switch to the Company and Branding tab, then click Enable Custom Branding in the Branding section

5. In the new, expanded section, click Add your logo to add the file you got from your marketing department

6. Click the button next to Use Specific Web Hex Color Codes to set the color for each page element:



Or if you prefer, click Choose From Our Pre-made Color Schemes to apply some surefire style to your Box account: 


Modifying the Text

You can customize text in your account at three locations: the login page, footer and system email signature.

Login Page

The login page sets the tone for the rest of your Box account. You can include a general welcome message, but you can also use it as a place to share why your company is using Box or provide initial instructions. You can even use it for announcements and updates for your users and colleagues. Using HTML, the login page field supports hyperlinks, italics, and bold. Please note that size and color adjustments are not available.

When your users go to your login page, they will see the first 500 characters of your message. They can then click Show More to see the rest of your message. The entire login page field supports up to 2000 characters.


The information in the footer is visible at the bottom of every page in your users’ Box accounts. Since it is consistently visible, the footer is a great location for your helpdesk info or link to your company’s website. And the default footer – a link to Box Support – works just fine, too.

Custom Support Contact Information

If you have your own internal helpdesk, you can enter their contact information here. Once you do so, all of the Help links inside of Box will route to your internal team. They can then escalate to Box as needed.

System Email Signature

This text will appear at the bottom of every Box-generated email. Because it’s shown on all outgoing correspondence, this is a great place for a “think before you print” message, privacy policy, or company motto.


Taking Customization One Step Further

If you have developers on staff, consider using our open API to build your very own apps that hook right up to Box. For more information – and to get started – just visit






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