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As a Box administrator, you want to make sure you have complete control over your organization’s content. With Box, there are several tools that allow you to maintain visibility into all content at play in your organization.

Your Folder Structure

When it comes to your folder structure, it is important to remember that all of your users are coming to the same central structure. However, depending on their access level and where it begins they will see it in slightly different ways.

For example, in this structure below:

The CFO has access to the parent “Expense Report” folder so she can see all of these subfolders. But, each of the Accounting staff members only have access to their individual folders so they will see their personal folder at their top level. In this way, you ensure that your users only see the content they have the security clearance to see.

Log In To Account

The first tool that gives you visibility into organizational content is the Log In to Account feature. This lets you see exactly what a user sees for auditing purposes.

When you log into a user’s account, it will show up in a new Box tab. You can then toggle between your admin view and the user view:

This tool is available to the primary admin who can also grant availability to the co-admin team.

Content Manager

The Content Manager beta tool gives the same visibility as the Log In to Account feature, but at an organization-wide level.  To get to Content Manager, click the folder icon in the Admin Console. You can then click through the users on the left side of the page and explore their individual folder structures:

You can easily toggle between users for easy access without needing to log in every time. Your abilities are not restricted to view only activities – you can actually take a very active role with your organization’s content. With Content Manager:  you can download files for auditing purposes, move files between user locations, invite new collaborators into your users’ workspaces, send shared links to users’s content, and purge files from your users’ trash. And, you can easily search across all of your enterprise’s content to find the file or folder in question.

This feature can be enabled or disabled for your co-admins depending on their security clearance.

If you would like to have access to the feature, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.

Enterprise Trash

A common concern for many admins is the permanent deletion of files from the account. With admin trash, there is no need to worry about someone purging a mission-critical file.

In the Content & Sharing tab, not only can you decide how long you keep trash, but also who has the proper permission to purge trashed items on a one-off basis:

And, if something is accidentally deleted from trash, the Box team can pull it off of the backup servers within 14 days of the deletion. Contact the Box team for assistance.


To get an even more comprehensive view of your account, don’t forget that you have four reports that you can leverage as well:

  • Usage Log – This report will show you every single activity that happened in Box for the date range of your choice.
  • File Statistics – This report will show you where your users found the most value via the number of times content was downloaded and uploaded.
  • User Statistics – This report will show you how active your users are.
  • Security Reports – This report will show you all of the changes that have been made at the admin level that might affect the security of your documents.



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