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As a nonprofit, development is an integral process to your organization’s operations.  This can often be cumbersome when data and content from your organization is scattered across multiple regions and platforms.  With Box, nonprofits can centralize and easily manage their fundraising processes on one platform. 


Develop a folder structure for your fundraising channels

1. Create a folder structure that categorizes your daily fundraising responsibilities.  For example, top level folders can include grants, corporate partnership and private donors.  

2. Within these folders, create subfolders to further categorize critical content.  For example, create grant writing best practices, templates, application subfolders within “Grants.”

3. For each grant application, create a folder structure with all of the components of the application, including grant application link, draft of application, and supporting documentation. 


Grant application writing

1. If a grant application requires a few team members to collaborate and/or approve the documentation, create a folder and invite team members as collaborators.  Use Box’s core collaboration features including comment and task management to manage the completion of the application.


2. While creating the application, your team members can leverage previously submitted applications, best practices, and grant templates to increase the rate of approval for your grant.   For example, your grant writer can “copy” the relevant grant template from the “Grant Templates” folder and post it in its respective “Draft Application” folder. 


3. Your team can also use Box’s version feature if you want to track changes or revert file back to a previous version.


Sending your grant application to the grantor quickly and securely


Box also allows you to send files to external parties.  When your grant writer completes the draft application, he/she can copy the folder or file’s Box shared link to securely send information to the external party.  Be sure to use the available shared link security features such as passwords and expirations to protect your company’s information.  


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