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Nonprofit organizations have several reports showcasing their quarterly/yearly progress with their beneficiaries.  These reports need to be easily accessible by employees, donors, foundations, and corporate partners. Box Embed allows you to centralize the location of these reports on your external website or intranet page. You can easily embed any folder or file in Box with a HTML5 embeddable framework.  Within minutes, you can have the full Box experience embedded into the places where your employees are most familiar.

Figure 1: Retrieve the Box Embed HTML code directly from Box.


When a folder from Box is embedded to your website, employees can still leverage native Box functionality like search, uploading, previews, comments, tasks, editing and other file actions while external users are limited to viewing and downloading.

Figure 2: The Box experience on your intranet or website.



With Box Embed, make designated folders and subfolders accessible to the rest of your company or the public. Rather than sending mass emails to your employees and providing a long list of links to your donors, corporate partners, and foundations, offer them the Box experience.


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