Admins and Co-admins: Overview and FAQs



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When you set up your new users from the Box Admin Console, you can easily define the permissions they receive by editing their user access permissions. You can also grant a user Co-admin access, while restricting some of the associated permissions. For example, if you’d like to give one of your Co-admins all the permissions associated with users’ files and folders, but restrict the ability to create new users or groups, you can simply remove those permissions from the specific Co-admin’s profile.


What are the different types of administrators?

The three Admin types are:

  • ADMIN: Admins can manage users and groups, view and edit all of their organization’s files and folders, log in to any user’s account within their organization, edit settings for their organization, and run or access reports. The Box Admin is the principal account administrator.
  • CO-ADMIN: Co-admins can perform the same duties as the organization’s Admin, but they cannot make changes to the Admin’s permissions. The default access levels for Co-admins, which are set to include only the ability to manage users and groups, can be modified on a per-user basis.
  • GROUP ADMIN: Group Admins can add existing users to their groups, create new users that will be assigned to their groups, and assign folder access to their groups. They can also run reports for their groups.


Can I modify administrator permissions?

You can only modify Co-admin permissions. See Granting and Modifying Co-Admin Permissions for more information.


Who can create Co-admins?

Only an Admin or a Co-admin with the required permissions granted (Users and Groups, Files and Folder, Reports and Settings) can grant another user Co-admin permissions. Co-admins with these required permissions granted can edit permissions for other Co-admins, but they cannot edit permissions for the Admin.


Will existing Co-admins lose any permissions if I don't change them?

No. To modify a Co-admin’s access, you will need to do so for each Co-admin from that user’s settings in the Admin Console. See Granting and Modifying Co-Admin Permissions for more information.


What are the default permissions for new Co-admins?

The default permissions granted to new Co-admins are the ability to manage users and groups. To grant new Co-admins additional permissions, simply follow the steps above and select the permissions you’d like to allow.


How can I make someone a Group Admin?

Any user within your organization can be a Group Admin for a group. Simply add the user to the group in the Admin Console and set the user’s Access Level for that group to Group Admin. Please keep in mind that a user can only be one type of admin. For example, if a user is a co-admin, that user can no longer be a group admin. The admin types (admin, co-admin, group admin) are mutually exclusive. 

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