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iAnnotate is a powerful preview and annotating tool that allows you to review media rich files or large spreadsheets/powerpoints and make your notes directly on the file. The integration allows you to make all your changes and save right back to Box.



SmartOffice 2:


SmartOffice 2 brings the Microsoft Office suite to your iPad for those moments when you need to create a new document or edit an existing one on the go. Now edits can be easily done minutes before a presentation and all edits can be easily saved to Box.





Executives and Fundraising teams often speak to corporate partners, foundations, and donors. With Slideshark, you are now able to give a presentation from anywhere with just a tablet. By storing all your presentations in Box, the Slideshark integration allows you to access, edit, and immediately project the presentation all from one stored location. There is also an iPhone app that you can download to turn your phone into a remote control as you navigate through your deck for an extra “wow” factor in front of donors and prospects.


Unlike most other OneCloud integrations, the SlideShark/Box integration must be set up within SlideShark first so that the files in your Box account can be uploaded and then downloaded in order to begin. 




Your staff in the field working with beneficiaries may need to provide updates to regional managers and leadership on their operational progress in the field and positive impact to communities.  With FotoIN, field workers are able to capture, annotate, tag, and automatically file field photos to Box from their device, on site.  FotoIN embeds all the captured info and tags into the photo together with the GPS and time stamps.  


Box’s mobile capabilities allow nonprofit staff and volunteers to not only present information to stakeholders on their tablets, devices, or laptops, but also modify and send reports, forms, or best practices on the spot.  Box can help make your beneficiary or donor visits even more productive with its file preview capabilities and OneCloud apps.


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