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At a given point, your organization has a number of supporters that are passionate and eager to carry out your nonprofit’s mission and vision.  They contribute a considerate amount of time as volunteers, fellows, interns, pro bono consultants, or temporary employees.  Box enables long term employees, such as corporate managers or regional managers, to create a workspace for temporary resources to collaborate, consume and share relevant content.  Your admins can manage these temporary resources and protect their organization and beneficiaries’ sensitive data.  


There are a number of ways to manage temporary employees.  As a best practice, understand what projects and assignments temporary resources will be undertaking and what type of information they need to do their job.


Managing managed users

Let’s say your fellows, interns, and pro bono consultants are working on projects that require some access to sensitive beneficiary or company data.  You may consider adding them as a “Managed User”so that you can place these users in a Group, monitor their account activity by running reports or logging in their account, and enforce device pinning policies.  Additionally, upon deletion of Managed Users, their content can be automatically transferred to your nonprofit’s Box account.  

Figure 1: Update users' permissions and invite in Groups as needed.

Figure 2: Audi user activity via Global Content manager tool in Admin Console.


Managing external users


For any volunteers that contribute time to aiding your beneficiaries, whether it be tutoring students, helping with forest restoration, etc, you can consider adding them as an “External User.” As an External User, your corporate or regional teams can share relevant information such as best practices in the field, their internal contacts and resources, quarterly organization communications to all stakeholders.   External Users can also upload and share content, including photos and notes from the field.


“Our partners, contractors, and team can all access what they need no matter where they happen to be.”

Amanda Grainger

Civic Footprint Online Organizer


Framework Foundation, Timeraiser


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