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What happens to the content of temporary resources when they leave the organization?

  • As an Admin, you can transfer the ownership of the folders and files the exiting resource has in his/her account. 
  • Review folders and files, move any relevant information to the corporate or regional folder structure.  If there’s no clear workspace to move these files, set up an “archive” folder to move all folder or files to.   

What happens if I need to provide my nonprofit’s beneficiaries Box accounts?

  • Consider what type of content your beneficiaries need to consume, upload, and share, the frequency of this, to whom they are collaborating with, and the duration they will be active within your organization
  • If your beneficiaries only need to consume data that is shared to them by a staff member from your nonprofit, they probably won’t need a Box account.  Your staff can send Shared Links for your beneficiaries to preview/download content
  • If your beneficiaries need to modify, provide feedback, and upload content, your beneficiaries can either be Managed Users or External Users.  Please see FAQ Question 1 to gauge what is the appropriate type of user is best for both your nonprofit and your beneficiaries  


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