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Virtual Deal Rooms (VDRs) are a necessity for organizations to securely share confidential information between employees and people outside their company. Whether you are looking for a secure space to bid on different construction plans or you are looking to set up a virtual repository to house company financials during mergers and acquisitions, you can leverage Box’s functionality to help you close deals quickly and securely. 

This use case is ideal for organizations that:

  • Work with sensitive content
  • Want to monitor the activity of participants in the deal room
  • Need to control access to content
  • Need to add and remove users easily and securely
  • Maintain confidentiality of participants in the deal/bid process


  • Use social workflow to assign and track tasks, and view outstanding to-dos
  • Customize notifications on deal room activity
  • File access statistics let you identify key individuals and assess level of interest
  • Full text search to find what you need quickly
  • Access to the complete version history of every file

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