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Which collaborator roles will I use?

For internal personnel, you will most likely use Editor, Viewer, or Viewer-Uploader Roles. For external participants, you will most likely use Uploader, Previewer, or Previewer-Uploader.

How do I track versions of files?

You can track the versions of documents in Box natively, so there is no need to ‘save as’ and create tons of different versions of the same file. As you create new versions, Box will append a version number to the file, and you can roll back to a previous version if you make any mistakes. This also enables you to make sure you are working on the latest version of a file.

How should I introduce a deal room to my participants?

Use your submission or RFP guidelines to describe and require the new process for external bidders. For internal folks, use your cycle kick-off meeting as an opportunity to walk through the basics of set up, the new workflow, and benefits. It is best to map the new process to the equivalent in the old process.


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