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Foundation’s grant process can often be cumbersome and overwhelming for nonprofit organizations.  Each foundation has its own unique application and approval process. With Box, foundations can create a grant submission and approval process that is easy to use and manage for both foundation staff members as well as the nonprofits they are seeking to support. 


1. Create a folder structure that categorizes your foundation’s various grants.  Because the ultimate plan will be for nonprofits to not only access grant information, but also to submit their own completed grants, you will want to create two subfolders within each grant folder, one for grant information, the other for grant submissions. 

  • Be sure to populate your grant information folders with all the information and content that an applying nonprofit organization would need. 

Figure 1: Organize your foundation's grant information in Box.

Figure 2: Designate one folder for grant submissions, the other for grant applications.

Figure 3: Include all necessary application information in your grant information and application folder.

2. Once you have added the necessary documents to your Box folder, the next step is making these materials accessible to perspective nonprofit organizations. Your grant information and application materials can be made available by creating a shared link to this folder. Be sure that the shared link access setting for this folder is set to open. Once you have created your shared link, it can then be placed on your foundation website or in an email to perspective nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits will be able to preview and download this content. 

3. Once you have created a means for nonprofits to view and apply to your grants with your Box shared link, the next step will be create a process for nonprofits to submit completed grant applications. Using Box’s email upload feature in the folder properties. Using this email address, nonprofits will be able upload content straight to your grants submission folder via email.


Figure 4: Create an email upload address so completed grants can be submitted.

4. Once grant content has been submitted by nonprofits into Box. This content can then be managed and moved to individual folders designated for each nonprofit relationship. This allows foundations to easily manage relationships with potential nonprofit organizations early on and from within a single platform.

5. Foundations can also use Box’s collaboration and communication tools to comment on content submissions or assign a task involving specific content. These tools can be particularly helpful during the grant approval process. 




Using Box, foundations can organize and distribute the necessary grant information to nonprofits while providing them a simple and easy to use means of re-uploading their completed content. With Box notifications, foundations will be able to closely monitor new grant submissions and better organize content the content of potential portfolio organizations. 


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