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Managing a Geographically Dispersed Organization

Whether your organization is centrally located in one region, spread across the nation, or even dispersed throughout the world, Box alleviates the challenges of coordinating with geographically dispersed staff and beneficiaries.  Nonprofits use Box on a daily basis to share thousands of files to staff and beneficiaries across the globe.  With Box’s User Management and Group features, nonprofits can strive for operational excellence and consistency within their organization.  Box can help nonprofits realize huge time, cost, and convenience savings by using Box as their central content collaboration solution.  

Setting up your global folder structure

Create a folder structure to include your main corporate organizations and your organization’s main geographic locations that manage your work force out in the field.    Top level folders should include regional offices and organization wide folders, for content that leadership want to push out to the entire organization.   

Setting up your corporate office folder structure

Certain folders may need to be visible to all regions.  If you are a corporate manager overseeing all of your nonprofit’s regions, you may consider inviting your regional manager(s) as a collaborator into a shared leadership folder.  Let’s say the corporate offices would like to share company wide marketing collateral or company wide newsletters to each of the regional managers.  Your corporate managers can simply upload this document to the shared leadership folder.  If you  don’t want the regional managers to modify the content, you can give them “Viewer” or “Previewer” access.   

If you’re a member of the corporate office, and are expecting a quarterly report on each of your region’s progress of operations and goals, you can set folder level email options to customize which folder activities you want to receive an email notification for.  Now you can monitor all regions’ operations without having someone from each of your region send you a message. 

Setting up your regional office folder structure

Within each of the regional office folders, create subfolders to further categorize critical content.  For example, create subfolders on beneficiary information, marketing collateral, and best practices and expectations for your employees on the field.    


Certain folders may require extra security.  For example, your beneficiary folder should require more security than the marketing collateral folder.  You can restrict the ability to invite collaborators to folder owners and co-owners and restrict access to content via a shared link to folder collaborators only.  


Box provides geographically dispersed nonprofits an easy and efficient way of collaborating throughout the organization from an executive within the corporate office, to regional managers managing the operations of field members,  all the way to an employee in the field solely working with beneficiaries.  Box creates a two-way communication channel for regional offices and members placed in the field around the world.  This allows field workers to review leadership’s decisions and best practice guidance, as well as leadership to review what’s going on in the field.


“Box makes information more visible, whether you’re in Ghana or Houston.  Both parties can see the same information as they interact.”

Tony Archibold

IT Manager,


Living Water International


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