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Sign, send, and approve contracts with DocuSign

With contracts and agreements frequently being drafted, your team needs a quick and easy solution for obtaining signatures. With DocuSign for Box, you can send files from your Box account by email and receive the signed version back, without having to scan through your email and a dozen other contracts.

You can alternatively log into DocuSign and use the native integration to send contracts stored in Box out for signatures. To get this app, click on the apps tab in your Box account and search for DocuSign. You must have a subscription with DocuSign to use the app for your team’s signature needs, and can find more information about the service’s pricing plans at

Once you have installed Docusign, navigate to a contract that requires a signature and click File Options >> More Actions >> e-Sign with DocuSign. After authenticating the app, you can send an email with a link to the document. Once the contract has been signed, you in turn will receive an email notification linking you to the signed document.

Send files from Box on Outlook

If you’re an Outlook user, but still want the option to send shared links with ease instead of attachments, then take a look at the Box for Outlook plugin app.

After you have connected your Box and Outlook mail client, you can click ‘Save to Box’ when composing an email. You can also pick files from your Box account to be sent as shared links to the recipient instead of attachments.

You can also customize settings for your Box for Outlook. If you’re someone who receives a lot of attachments every day, and don’t want to take the time to upload these files to Box, now you can set a default folder for all attachments to upload automatically.

Take notes on your iPad with Notability

Notability is a versatile app that allows you to capture ideas sketches, and notes with handwriting, text, and drawing tools to fully document all of your ideas. Here are a few items that you should test for your team:

  • Select from a variety of brush styles and paper, and capture handwritten notes and drawings
  • Open and annotate PDF documents, and save them back to Box
  • Use bullet points, numbered lists, and spellcheck to take accurate and organized notes for sharing
  • Click the “record” button to record voice notes
  • Import existing notes and documents from your Box account into Notability for editing

Annotate PDFs with iAnnotate

Manage and annotate PDF files on your mobile device using iAnnotate. With this app, you can:

  • Open and annotate PDF documents from Box
  • Highlight and underline important information
  • Sign document or add a stamp of approval
  • Add strikeout, photo, or sound clip annotations

Save annotated PDFs back to a Box folder by closing the document and choosing to “Send Back to Box.”


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