How do I share files and folders from the Admin Console?



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You can share files and folders from the Content Manager by clicking on the More dropdown beside the file or folder you’d like to share and navigating to the Share option. You can get a shared link, invite collaborators, or modify access to the file or folder.

To access Content Manager click the folder icon in the Admin Console header:

To create shared links, click on the Share option from the More dropdown menu, then copy and paste the link from the Share pop-up window.You can change the access level for the shared link from the dropdown menu displaying the current access level in the center of the Share pop-up window.

To invite users to a folder, click the More dropdown beside the folder name and select Invite Collaborators from the Share menu. Enter names or email addresses for the new collaborators and select the access level you’d like to grant them. When you’re ready to send the invitations, click Invite. You can also send the invitation as a link by copying the link available in the Get Invite Link tab.



To see the list of collaborators for a folder, click the folder name to open it. The list of collaborators will be on the right (you may need to expand the list by clicking the arrow beside the number of collaborators). From here, you can invite collaborators by entering their names or email addresses in the field and then clicking the Invite Collaborators button. You can also remove collaborators and/or change their access levels.

To change an existing collaborator’s access level to the folder, click the access level underneath the collaborator’s name. Select the new access level from the dropdown menu. If you would like to remove a collaborator, select Remove from the dropdown.

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