What's new in Box for iPhone and iPad 3.x?



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Box released entirely redesigned Box for iPhone and iPad applications. In addition to better navigability and performance, we improved photo browsing and streamlined sharing. We've also made a few changes you should be aware of, as they may impact features you used in our previous app (version 2.x). If you're not sure what version of the Box app you're using on your device, see How Do I Know What Version Of The Box App I'm Using On My IPhone Or IPad?



Box for iPhone and iPad 3.x is only available on iOS6 or higher.


Functional Differences

Effective Box for iOS, Release 2.x, the following functional differences exist between the iPhone and iPad:

  • Shared links: Box for iPhone and iPad version 2.x shares links through the Box app (Box sends the shared link email as opposed to opening an email in your Mail app), but in Box for iPhone and iPad version 3.x, you can send links directly through your Mail or Messages apps.
  • Favorites/Offline: Files that were referred to as Favorites in version 2.x are now referred to as Offline files. We made this change to clarify that these are files saved for offline access from the Box app.
  • Edit and Create for OneCloud: In version 3.x, we’ve unified OneCloud with the iOS open-in feature. You can open files in other apps from the apps drawer.


Box for iOS, Release 3.0

Menu Differences from iPhone and iPad 3.0

  • Multi-select and Collaborators Icons: The Multi-select icon is now available from within the Folder icon. That spot is now occupied by the Collaborators icon.


  • Personal-Pro Accounts: In Release 3.0, you could only upgrade from a free account by going through the Upgrade Account menu. In Release 3.1, the Box application informs you about the free account limitations and provides an easy opportunity to upgrade to the Personal-Pro paid account.
    • In Release 3.0, upgrading was only available for the Settings page:

    • Upgrading: See Upgrading Free Users to Personal-Pro Accounts for multiple options to upgrade to Personal-Pro (effective Release 3.1). Only free users have the option to upgrade -- if you use a corporate account, you will not see this Upgrade setting.
    • Video Preview: Personal-Pro users can view video conversions the minute they request a video preview.


Box for iOS, Release 3.1

  • Improved support for universal text file formats: Box for iOS supports Big5 text encoding.
  • Improved offline video viewing: Improved viewing functionality allows you to play more videos while offline.
  • Additional improvements: Numerous enhancements to address performance issues that caused crashes as well as an improved UI appearance.


Box for iOS, Release 3.2

  • Box Notes is available on Box for iPhone and iPad applications: You can create, edit, and share notes within these mobile applications. See Box for iOS: Using Box Notes for more information.
  • Improved support for iWork files: You can now preview all iWork files on Box for iPhone and iPad applications.
  • Additional improvements: Multiple enhancements to improve the usability and stability experience.


Box for iOS, Release 3.3

  • Box Notes performance: Box Notes now loads about 50% faster.
  • A Recently Opened section provides a list of recently-viewed files: See How Do I View a List of Recently Opened Files? for more information.
  • The @ mention function to include collaborators in comments: The list of users is restricted to individually-added collaborators in this folder. See Using Comments and Tasks for additional information.
  • Basic .obj files (3D graphics and application modeling) are now available when you Preview files on Box. You can now rotate and zoom into objects when previewing this file. See  supported preview file types for a list of other supported file types.
  • Additional improvements: Multiple enhancements to improve the usability and stability experience.


Box for iOS, Release 3.4


Box for iOS, Release 3.5

  • Auto Photo Upload(for paid users only)
    • Enabling Auto Photo Upload: This setting is defaulted to Restrict in the admin console and Off on the user's app (on the device). For Auto Photo Upload to work, both the admin and the user must enable it.
    • Admins: Navigate to MobileFile Security Settingsand select the button for Allow under Automatic uploading from device

    • Users: On your device, navigate to Settings > Files & Folders > Automatic Upload. Toggle Automatic Upload to On 

    • You can also select where you want the photos to be uploaded to by selecting Upload To. If you don’t choose a destination, a folder named My Photos will be auto generated for you and placed in your root folder. Tap on the folder you would like to use for auto uploads and tap on Choose. You can change the destination at any time.

  • Is this feature available to everyone?
    • No, it is only available to paying users, including Personal Pro users. Free users will see an upgrade paywall when they attempt to enable this feature. Also, if the admin disables the feature, this setting will invisible to the user.
  • Can the admin enable this feature on users' devices?
    • Users must enable it on their devices after the admin enables it in the admin console.
  • Can an admin specify which groups to enable for this feature?
    • The settings in the admin console are global settings, so there is no way to target this feature to certain user groups from the admin console. 
  • Will my data plan get eaten up?
    • Using the data plan for Auto Photo Upload is a setting available on the device which is defaulted to Off. There are scenarios where a user may want to enable this, and we pop up a warning saying that data usage may increase and result in additional charges from the carrier. 
  • You can now mark a folder or a file as a "Favorite" for easy access on your device. Select a folder or a file, and swipe left to reveal its options. Tap on the star icon to mark it as a Favorite.
  • To access your Favorites, tap on the top left menu icon to reveal the full menu, and select Favorites.
  • Are Favorites available on the Webapp?
    • Yes. They are also currently available across both Android and iOS devices. 
  • Is there a limit on the number of Favorites?
    • There is no limit on the number of Favorites you can have.
  • How do you remove a Favorite?
    • You can remove Favorites from either the Favorites view or from the file or folder's original location by tapping the folder/file name and swiping to the left. Tap on the selected star icon, and it will become unselected and will be removed from your Favorites list.
TouchID for Log In
  • Set Up: To set up TouchID for log in, navigate to Settings > Security
  • If you do not have a passcode set for your device, tap Turn Passcode On, and create a passcode. 
  • Once you have your passcode set up, toggle Unlock via TouchID to On as well. 
  • Using TouchID: The next time you are prompted for your passcode, you will first see the option to authenticate via Touch ID. You will still have the option to enter your PIN instead by selecting Cancel.
  • Can an admin disable Touch ID?
    • Admins currently cannot block a user from using this feature from the Box Admin console. If admins have an MDM provider, they can check with them to see if they can block Touch ID at the device level.
  • Support for Bookmarks (view only)
    • Now, you will see your saved Bookmarks on your iOS device. When you tap on a Bookmark, it will launch your mobile web browser and access the saved URL. 
  • Can I do anything else besides open a Bookmark?
    • In this release, you will only be able to view/launch your bookmark. In the next release, you will be able to copy, move, and delete Bookmarks.
  • Why don’t my Bookmarks work within the app?
    • Bookmarks are intended to be used as a way of accessing websites, so it was designed to launch your web browser. We may revisit this functionality in future releases. 
In-folder search
  • You can now search within a folder by pulling down on the center of the screen to reveal the search bar. The faded text in the search box tells you where your search will be conducted.
Password Protected Office and iWork File Support
  • When a file is password protected, the Box app will prompt you for the password to preview the file.
  • Occasionally, you will see odd characters show up before the password UI loads. This occurs with Open XML Office documents (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx). The amount of time it takes to move from this screen to the password UI depends on the size of the file. We are working to fix this for a future release.  
  • Why is there sometimes a weird preview before the password UI pops up?
    • For Open XML Office files, we display a string of odd characters until we can figure out if the file is password protected. This is a current limitation of our conversion system, and we are investigating ways to improve this. 
  • How do I create a password protected file?
    • This is not a feature within Box, but it is a feature within Office applications. You need to set the password within your Office editor.
Today Extension Integration

  • To set up the Box widget, drag your finger from the top of your iOS device screen down to the bottom to reveal the Notification Center. 
  • Scroll all the way down and select the Edit button.
  • Then, select the green + button next to Box to add it to your Today view in the Notification Center. 
  • Once Box is added to your Today view, the list of Box files you see there are your most recently accessed files.
  • The Box Note button launches you into a note in the app and stores it in a My Notes folder in your root. (This behavior is the same as Auto Photo Upload.)
  • The Favorites button launches you into your Favorites view in the Box app.
  • The Offline button launches you into your Offline view in the Box app.
  • The Camera button launches the camera within the Box app, and any photos taken will be uploaded to the default My Photos file in the root or wherever you have selected as your destination for Auto Photo Upload.
  • Can a user set a target folder for a Box Note created within the Today Extension?
    • Currently we do not offer this functionality. Your Box Note will be created in a My Notes folder at the root level, and from there a user can move it to any desired folder.  
  • How many Recent files do you show in the Today Extension?
    • We show the 5 most recently accessed files. If you want to see the full list, we launch you into the Recently Viewed section of the Box app. 
Additional Improvements: Multiple enhancements to improve the usability and stability experience.


Box for iOS, Release 3.6

  • Push Notifications
  • For this release, we are triggering push notifications for 2 events:
    1. You will get a push notification when you are added as a
    collaborator to a folder.
    2. You will get a push notification when someone comments on a
    file you have uploaded (most recent uploader gets the notification).
  • Below, the image on the left shows a push notification when your phone is locked, and the image on the right shows a push notification when your phone is unlocked.
  • After you accept a push notification, you'll be redirected to the Box app and then into the item where you've been invited to collaborate or where a comment was added.
  • Admin Console settings allow admins to hide user and file or folder details within push notifications.
  • Note: Admins cannot disable push notifications. Only users can disable them from their device settings. We highly discourage users from disabling push notifications, as disabling this feature will result in a degraded user experience. Disabling push notifications also disables local notifications, which means that users will not receive any notifications when files save back to Box. 
  • FAQs
  • Will I receive push notifications when I am actively using the Box app?
    When you are running the Box app, you won't be notified when push notification is coming. 
  • I use iOS7; why don't I receive all push notifications?
    iOS7 has a limit for push notification payload and long comments can exceed that limit (256 bytes). Certain languages exaggerate the problem because they require more space in the payload itself. iOS8 don't have this problem because the notification payload limit is in the range of 2Kb-4Kb.
  • I'm inviting someone to collaborate on a folder, but that person is not receiving a push notification. What's wrong?
    Ensure that the person has auto-accept enabled for collaboration invitations. If auto-accept is disabled, explicit user action is required, and there is no need to issue a push notification.


  • Preview-Only Offline Use
  • Users with "Preview only” permissions for a folder will be allowed to save it for offline use when the admin has allowed that setting in the Mobile tab in enterprise settings. “Preview only” folder contents will never leave the Box app container.



  • Bookmarks
  • Preview: You will notice that your saved Bookmarks will now be visible on iOS. When you tap on a Bookmark, you will be able to preview it within Box. You will also be able to open the Bookmark in your mobile browser.
  • Move, copy, delete, comment, share, and add to Favorites: With 3.6, you will now be able to take these actions on Bookmarks. You will also be able to add them to your Favorites list.
  • Share links to Bookmarks just as you would for any file in Box by clicking the link icon.
  • Add comments to Bookmarks using the comment icon.
  • FAQs
  • Why can't Bookmarks be saved for offline access?
  • Bookmarks are links to web-based documents, and, as such, saving them offline would not be useful.


  • Insert Images in Box Notes
  • With Box for iOS 3.6.3, you can insert images into Box Notes by clicking the picture icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select one of the following options: Choose from Box, Choose from Library, or Take a Photo. 
  • After you select an image or take a photo, it will be inserted into your Box Note.


  • External Collaborated Folders: Folders owned by someone outside your enterprise will be shown in grey to indicate externally-owned content. 

Box for iOS, Release 3.7

  • Menus have a new look and feel
  • Additional stability improvements and bug fixes
  • New grid layout option 
The Manage Folder menu now includes an option to see files in Grid View. Previously, the only option was List View. Now you can toggle between the two and choose how you want to see your files. 
To access this menu, tap the folder icon. On iPhone, the folder icon is located in the lower right-hand corner. On iPad the folder icon is located in the upper right-hand corner. If you're in List View, you can select Grid View from the menu to see a grid layout of your files and vice versa.
Note: On iPhone, if you're on the Favorites, Offline, or Recently Opened pages, you can use the icon in the upper right-hand corner to toggle between list view and grid view (if you are in grid view, a list icon will appear and vice-versa).


Using CloudOn and PDF Expert through Box OneCloud

To use CloudOn and PDF Expert through Box OneCloud, you can save files to Box if you start in the apps themselves. However, the experience from the Box app is different in version 3.x than it was in version 2.x. You will need to save the file back to Box by accessing the Box app from the Open-in menu in PDF Expert and then uploading the document to the appropriate folder (see this PDF for more information). Round-trip editing and saving from the Box app will be enabled for these apps in an upcoming release.

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