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External Users

External Users are collaborators from outside your organization. From an administrative perspective, these are people who have been invited to collaborate on your company's content. 

External Users can be granted the same collaborator access and sharing rights as Managed Users, but your control over the content they own and their security settings is limited. Read on for a detailed explanation of the difference between Managed and External Users so you can make the decision that is right for your organization.
Differences Between External and Managed Users

With Box, you can invite collaborators from outside your company into folders you own. These users, known as External Users, can be given the same permission levels and have access to the same Box features as your Managed Users. Here is a quick overview on the differences between managed and external user abilities:

If you invite a consultant or temporary contractor into one of your Box folders, they will have the same types of permissions and features you normally grant your Managed Users.

However, when it comes to administrative control, there are important differences between Managed and External Users:

You can grant or revoke External Users’ access to your content at any time. Their actions will show up in any reports you run. However, because they are not part of your company’s Box account, you don’t have direct control over the content they own or their Box account settings. When you open an external user’s profile, you will see the following:

As an administrator, you can bring in External Users as collaborators, give them various levels of access to your content, and track their usage with reporting tools. However, you do not have the granular level of control over their Box accounts you get with Managed Users.

TIP: Employees and close partners should be managed users, as they require a greater amount of control and oversight.
When a user from another company invites one of your Managed Users into a folder they own, you cannot see the external user’s content if you log in to your Managed User’s account.

The same holds true for your content: If you invite someone from another company into one of your folders as an External User, that person’s admin will not have access to your content.
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