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Every nonprofit organization or foundation is in a constant search of ways to increase their impact and better serve their target beneficiaries. This can of course be done by increasing their programmatic offerings or widening their geographic focus to include a larger group of potential beneficiaries, but can also be done by increasing operational efficiency and limiting administrative overhead. While nonprofit organizations have many of the same concerns as their private sector counterparts, many organizations have tighter resource constraints and varying levels of access to IT services.

With Box, nonprofit organizations and foundations have a solution that is easily adoptable by staff members, volunteers and beneficiaries to share all documents, presentations, applications and content used in their daily workflow. Specifically, nonprofits can use Box to not only make content accessible to all staff members and volunteers that need it, but they can also use Box to distribute content to beneficiaries as well. Foundations can use Box to better manage relationships with their portfolio organizations by making sure that their content is readily accessible in a central repository using a single platform.


Common use cases for nonprofits and foundations:

  • Improve the grant sourcing and approval process: With Box, foundations can create a grant submission and approval process that is easy to use and manage for both foundation staff members as well as the nonprofits they are seeking to support.
  • Managing geographically dispersed organizations: Whether your organization is centrally located in one region, spread across the nation, or even dispersed throughout the world, Box alleviates the challenges of coordinating with geographically dispersed staff and beneficiaries. 
  • Enabling a mobile workforce: Regardless if your staff is supporting beneficiaries out in the field, working with potential/existing donors and corporate partners, or conducting regional site visits, Box can help streamline how your staff collaborate and share content anywhere with any device.
  • Managing temporary employees, including volunteers: Box enables long term employees, such as corporate managers or regional managers, to create a workspace for temporary resources to collaborate, consume and share relevant content.  Your admins can manage these temporary resources while protecting their organization and beneficiaries’ sensitive data.  
  • Manage your nonprofit’s development workflow: With Box, nonprofits can centralize and easily manage their fundraising processes on one platform.


  • Central repository for content
  • Access all documents on any device
  • Collaborative tools such as commenting and assigning tasks
  • Securely share content with external parties without resorting to email


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