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Create a folder structure and define account settings that allow for easy portfolio management

As a foundation, maintaining relationships with organizations in your portfolio is pivotal for offering the appropriate resources and support. However, doing so can often be challenging when data and content from such organizations is scattered across multiple platforms. With Box, foundations can easily distribute content, manage submitted content on one platform all while providing staff members with a means to access such information from anywhere. 

1. Create a folder structure for that categorizes your daily responsibilities.  Top level folders should include your nonprofit portfolio, grant information as well as external communications.

Figure 1: Organize your root level folders according to daily responsibilities.


2. Within these folders, create subfolders to further categorize critical content.  For example, create subfolders within your nonprofit portfolio folder for each of the organizations you work with. Within these folders, you can create additional subfolders to designate content that is intended to be shared with the nonprofit organization from content that is supposed to stay within the foundation.

Figure 2: Create subfolders to categorize your critical information.

Figure 3: Create subfolders in each nonprofit organization's folder to designate internal from external content.

3. Certain folders may require extra security.  For example, (internal only) folders within your individual nonprofit organization folders should require more security than information that is intended to be shared externally.  For example, you can restrict the ability to invite collaborators to folder owners and co-owners and restrict access to content via a shared link to folder collaborators only. 

Figure 4: Add folder level security options to keep internal foundation content secure.



Box enables foundation managers to build better relationships with the nonprofits in their portfolio, by allowing them to organize content much more effectively. In addition to better system and set of processes around content management, Box also offers foundation managers the ability to access their content from anywhere and on any device, making work in the field and face-to-face with nonprofits that much easier. 


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