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Box offers a secure mobile solution that allows professionals in the Media and Entertainment industry to easily and effectively access content from any device. Enhance the creative workflow of media teams by helping them centralize, share, and collaborate. Box can serve as a central repository for assets, making it quicker than ever to locate a specific file. Content can be shared securely within the company and externally with clients and vendors. Professionals can also collaborate with colleagues and keep track of any updates that are made in their folders.

This use case is ideal for M&E professionals who:

  • Need field level access to content from any device
  • Send large files
  • Share files with external parties such as vendors and clients
  • Require electronic approval on documents
  • Want to actively track changes on working files


  • Facilitates instant access to the most up-to-date content no matter where you are or which device you use
  • Ensures easy and secure sharing both internally and externally
  • Speeds file previewing without the need for native applications


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