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Please run a Box Connection Diagnostic test to see if your connection is at an optimum level.

After running the connection diagnostic tests, return to this page to verify your computer can reach all of the Box servers. If you have a firewall enabled, it may cause some of the test images below to show "blocked". For firewall instructions please see the article: Configuring a Firewall for Box or Box-Sync.
Box Connection Confirmation Page
Box Service Static Image showing or Blocked? Quick Tests
(Result should show:
Success. Good connectivity established, or display a larger version of the static image)

Box Webapp Blocked Webapp Test
Box Upload Upload Blocked Upload Test
Box Upload (CDN) Upload Blocked Upload Test (CDN)
Box Download Download Blocked Download Test
Box Accelerator IAD Accelerator Blocked Upload Accelerator Test - IAD

If you see any servers are blocked, please contact Box Support and include a screenshot of these test results.

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