What Are User Tracking Codes?



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Tracking codes allow an admin to generate reports from the administration console and assign an attribute to a specific group of users. This setting must be enabled by your customer success manager. 


To configure tracking code, navigate to the Administration Console, select the Enterprise Settings tab and then User Settings. You can configure up to 5 categories for tracking code. Enter your categories, then select Save

Once the categories are established, select the Users tab and click on a user you would like to configure. In the Edit User Account Details section, you should now see the fields for each of the categories that you have defined. You can enter your own internal tracking code in these fields and then select Save

Now when you generate reports in the Reports tab, you will see a box to define codes for each of the categories that you have configured.

Exporting Reports

To export a list of users with associated tracking codes click Export Users in the Users and Groups tab.

The report is saved to the Box Reports folder.

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