Using the Compliance Email Archive



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The Compliance Email Archive feature is available to Enterprise and Elite customers and can be enabled to assist you in complying with your company's email archive policies.
Once enabled for your organization, the Compliance Email Archive feature can be found in the Admin Console (Admin Console > Enterprise Settings > Notifications). 
Enabling the compliance email archive will automatically send a blindcarbon copy (BCC) of the selected communication activity to a specified email address.
Communication activity types that can be archived include the following
  • Comments: include both comments and replies on files and folders. 
  • Emails: include emails to all collaborators in Box.
  • Invitations: include invitations to collaborate in folders and shared links.
  • Tasks: include task assignments and responses to tasks. 

The email archive location can be set to the person performing the action in Box or to a specific email address.
Best Practice: You may want to consider setting up a company email alias specifically for all Box activity archive emails.
Changes to these settings are captured in the Security Report. For more information on Box's reporting capabilities, see: What Are Reports And How Do I Use Them?



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