I can't upload folders on Box while using Safari on my Mac. What do I do?



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If you're having trouble using the Folder Uploader on Box while using the Safari browser on your Mac, you may need to allow the Box Folder Uploader to operate in Safari's Unsafe Mode. The Folder Uploader is a Java applet, which is blocked from running properly by a security feature in the latest version of Safari on the latest version of Mac OS. The Box applet needs to run in Unsafe Mode so it can access the files on your hard drive to upload them to Box.

If the Folder Uploader is showing up on Box, but displaying an empty file directory, you'll need to enable Unsafe Mode in Safari's Security Preferences.

For detailed steps to enable Unsafe Mode for a Java plugin in Safari, see the Manually setting website preferences section of the Internet plug-in management article on the Apple support site.

We recommend only enabling Unsafe Mode for trusted applications, like Box, to keep your content secure.

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