Box Notes: How do I share a Box Note?



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Click the Share button in the upper-right corner to get a shared link to the Box Note. This provides the default access level of new shared links for your account, which for free users is Open and for business users has been set by your administrator.

You can share Box Notes with people who are collaborating in the folder where you’ve created a note. Send a shared link to give someone quick, read-only access or add collaborators to the folder where you’ve created Box Notes so they can edit Box Notes and leave comments or annotations. Only collaborators with access levels set to Editor or Co-owner will be able to make changes to Box Notes. All other collaborators will have view-only access.

Multiple collaborators can make changes to Box Notes, simultaneously, without worrying about version control or overwritten content. Identifier icons follow each collaborator as he/she makes changes or selects text to annotate throughout the document. Identifier icons are usually a user’s profile picture, but, in the absence of profile pictures, a user’s initials are represented graphically.

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