Box Notes: Notices and Known Limitations



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Support Information

Box Notes is supported on the following browsers and versions:

  • Mobile browsers (via
    • iOS Safari and Chrome
    • Android Chrome
    • You can open and view existing Box Notes on
  • Box for Android: Box Notes is supported on Android KitKat 4.4 and higher.
  • Box Notes is not supported in Internet Explorer 7/8/9: Customers using IE7, IE8, or IE9 will not be able to access Box Notes and will see a Browser not supported message. We recommend using another supported browser. See our master list of supported browsers.
  • Box Sync: Box Notes will not be visible in the sync client.

Reporting Behavior

Box Notes are included in Admin Console Reports.

  • Creating a new Box Note is recorded as Created or Uploaded.
  • Viewing a Box Note may be recorded with File Opened and may sometimes be accompanied by a Download.
  • Edits (and annotations) made to a Box Note are recorded as Uploaded. For edits (Uploaded), the user recorded for the upload is made every 30 seconds; see the Version Behavior section below for details.
  • Deletes of Box Notes are recorded normally as action Trash.

Version Behavior

Box Notes has its own version history feature where a new version is created roughly every 5 minutes while typing and after 5 minutes of inactivity.

From within Admin Console Reports, editing activity in Box Notes is captured every 30 seconds, and lists the author as the person who made the most recent edit. Thus, if two people are making edits simultaneously in a note, the person who made the last edit will be recorded as uploading that version. Box provides a complete log of activities in Box Notes upon a request to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or to

WebDocs End of Life (EOL)

Box Notes effectively replaces WebDocs. Previously created WebDocs have been preserved as read-only HTML documents.

Known Limitations

  • Maximum number of people editing a note at the same time: 20 
    • Once the limit is reached, any new users will see a snapshot/read only view of the note
  • Recommended maximum content:
    • 200 pages of text (about 500,000 characters)
    • 100 items in a list
    • Images up to 20 MB
    • If these limits are exceeded, the product may act unexpectedly, including lag while typing or browser tab crashes.
  • On mobile, you cannot currently create hyperlinks or annotations. You can view hyperlinks and tap on them. Annotations appear in yellow, but tapping on them does not yet display the accompanying text.
  • Shared links to Box Notes or folders with notes that have the "Require Password" option set are not supported at this time. In this case, the Box Note will not load.
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