April 2014 EOL Notice



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April 2014 EOL Notice
At Box, we're working constantly to improve the user experience, and sometimes that means removing overly complex or rarely used functionality to make room for an even better product. Full details on several such features that will be removed from the Box product throughout this quarter are available below
  • Phase 1: Remove ability to create new WebDocs: We will begin gradually rolling out Box Notes to all users during the month of May. When a user has Box Notes added to their account, they will lose the ability to create new Web Documents (WebDocs) on the Box web app. Their existing WebDocs will continue to exist and be editable.
  • Phase 2: Migrate WebDocs to another format: Later this year we will migrate all existing WebDocs to a new format. The exact migration plan is still being determined, and we will provide more information in advance of the migration here and in the admin console business service news. 
  • Important information about Box Notes as a replacement for WebDocs:
    • No Internet Explorer 7/8/9 browser support: Box Notes will not work in IE7, IE8 and IE9. We recommend your users upgrade to the latest version of IE or use another browser to be able to use Box Notes. If this is not a possibility and your users are heavy WebDocs users, please contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a support ticket.
    • Feature differences: In the majority of cases, Box Notes should be a better solution than WebDocs to meet users' needs. However, there are a few features in WebDocs that will not be available in Box Notes (at least initially - although some or all may be added later): 
      • Formatting options: Tables, text strikethrough, text background highlighting and horizontal rules are not currently available in Box Notes. 
      • Collaborator behavior: With WebDocs, it is possible to invite a collaborator directly to an individual document. In Box Notes, the recipient must be a collaborator in the folder where the Box Note lives in order to edit it.
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