Box for iOS - How Do I Add and Manage Collaborators in Folders?



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Box collaborators have different access levels. Each access level has different permissions for different features when using Box.

Box for iOS allows you to add and manage collaborators when accessing Box from your iOS device.

Viewing Collaborators

To add collaborators from your iOS device to Box, open the Box for iPhone or Box for iPad app from your device and follow this procedure:

  1. Navigate to the folder where you'd like to add or manage collaborators.
  2. Tap the Person icon from the action menu at the bottom of the screen.

    Note: the multiselect checkmark icon is available in the Folder menu.

  3. Tap View Collaborators to view the collaborators sharing the folder.

    The invited collaborators are displayed prioritized by access level.
  4. Click each collaborator to change or remove access.

Inviting Collaborators

  1. Tap Invite Collaborators to add more collaborators. This option only appears if

  2. Add the name or email of anyone in your corporate directory or your address book.
    • Start typing the name of email of a person in your directory and the closest options start showing in the list. Select the required name/email.
    • Alternately, tap the + symbol to select a person from your address book. Select the required contact.
    • Assign the required access level.
  3. Click each collaborator to change or remove access.

Assigning the Access Level

Select the collaborator(s) and assign the appropriate access level. The default access for any collaborator is Editor.

  • Tap Editor to change the access level
  • Tap the appropriate level to assign the new access level in the Access Type screen.
  • Tap Send to send an invitation to this collaborator. The new level automatically displays in the Invite Collaborator screen
  • Tap Cancel to not make any changes to the current setup.

Removing Access

Tap Revoke Access at the bottom of the Access Type screen to remove any collaborate from this folder. A confirmation screen pops up to verify the change.

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