Using Silent Mode



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Silent Mode temporarily suppresses notifications that would be sent to users as a result of actions taken by the Primary Admin of the Box account. 

The Primary Admin of the account can enable Silent Mode via the Admin Console under Enterprise Settings > Notifications > Email Settings. Co-admins will not see the Silent Mode option in their Admin Console.  


Once Silent Mode has been enabled, the Primary Admin will see a banner notification appear along the top of their Box account.

Primary Admins can use Silent Mode to provision new accounts, create Groups, and change Group access settings. Silent Mode acts as a dam, not a mute button, which means that any notifications that have been queued up with Silent Mode enabled will be released to users' inboxes once Silent Mode is turned off.

Silent Mode is only available to the Primary Admin of a Box account and applies only to actions taken by the Admin via the Admin Console. It does not apply to actions taken through the "My Account" tab, such as folder-specific collaboration invites.

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