Box Notes: How do I edit a Box Note?



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Open existing Box Notes from the Box web application to make edits. Just like any other type of document on Box, you’ll find your Box Notes in the folders where they were created. Clicking on the filename will open any of your Box Notes in a new tab or window in your browser. Make your edits without worrying about hitting the save button, we’re autosaving for you.

Formatting text in Box Notes

To change the way text is formatted in Box Notes, use the toolbar at the top. You can apply changes to existing text by selecting it before you use any of the tools or just start typing in the new style once you’ve selected your formatting options. Refer to the following diagram for specific formatting tools:


  1. Font Size: Select the size (small, medium, or large) from the dropdown list.
  2. Font Color: Select the required color block from the dropdown list.
  3. Font Style: Apply bold, italic, or underline styles.
    • Bold: Click the B icon to apply the bold style or use the Control (Command on Mac) and b keyboard shortcut.
    • Italic: Click the I icon to apply the italic style or use the Control/Command and i keyboard shortcut.
    • Underline: Click the U icon to apply the underline style or use the Control/Command and u keyboard shortcut.
  4. Bulleted Lists, Numbered Lists, or Check Lists: Click the bulleted icon to add a bulleted list; the numbered icon to add a numbered list; the checklist icon to add a check list to your note. Use the Tab key to further indent a list. 
  5. Text Alignment: Click the arrow to see options to align your text to the left, center, or right of the note.
  6. Insert Image: See How Do I Insert An Image.

More information about editing

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